Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Travel Update

We've been given the opportunity to travel to the Mekele care center (our agency's other care center in an outlying area). We'll be able to bring care packages to and take pictures of the kids there for their parents that are waiting. We are so excited for this opportunity. This means that we'll be traveling 2 days earlier to accomadate this side trip. We'll still be in Addis by Sunday night and be able to meet our girls on Monday morning.

It was Christmas Eve in Ethiopia today and tomorrow is Christmas day, so no news on TB tests until Friday. Hopefully, Friday morning. Keep praying that all is well and for our upcoming trip and familiy transitions.

We're still working on the girls' room, but it is all coming together(we do have bed rails, they're just not up yet, and drawers-still being painted). Nick's dad built the beds from a picture we sent him and my dad and Nick have been working all week to get them painted. I love their sweet little room-can't wait to fill all those beds.

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