Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're Home

We made it home and we're so glad to have everyone together. It was an amazing journey to our two new girls. Their adjustment has gone surprisingly well so far. Hermela was definitely the mother figure to Meron and unfortunately her parenting style was to give Meron everything she wanted when she pitched a fit. This has led to several meltdown tantrums when we've had to put our foot down with Meron (wearing a seat belt on the plane, wearing underwear, my favorite-not eating "mastica" (gum) out of the trash can). Aside from this "normal" 3 year old behavior (she is so much like Caroline it's scary), things have been going very well.

I'm still amazed at the things they get excited about. I made green peas with lunch yesterday and Meron ate them one by one and kept saying, "tank you mommy, tank you". She also likes green beans and broccoli. Hermela on the other hand has rejected all vegetables except potatoes with berbere (a staple Ethiopian spice that I brought home). They ate refried beans mixed with berbere and flat bread today. Hermela seems to be having the harder time adjusting to the food. Probably because she is older and more accustom to Ethiopian food. Our success foods have been fruit of any kind, especially bananas and oranges, peanut butter and jelly and cereal. We'll keep trying and I think we'll go to the Ethiopian restaurant this weekend.

Language is coming along. We learned a good bit of Amharic and I brought picture cards with us with essential words and phrases to help with communication. I think it really helped with the initial bonding and transition. We really didn't use much English while we were in Ethiopia, but now that we're are home, they are picking it up quickly. Meron has now officially mastered the phrase, "no mommy" thanks to Colton.

We had to take the camera that we had rented for our trip back today, so we did one more photo shoot in the back yard this morning. I'm loving having all five of my kids together. Finally, things are as they should be.

Praise God-He is so good!!!

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