Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We have our Embassy appt. tomorrow and then we'll be going shopping. Today was a holiday-epiphany. We had the coffee ceremony and Hermela danced for everyone. The culture is amazing. The guest house is really nice. It is so fun having the girls and feels like it has been longer than just 2 days. They will fit perfectly in our family. Meron is happy and her smile is priceless. Hermela is just a delight. Tonight they saw their embassy outfits for tomorrow (dresses with tights). You would have thought they won the lottery to have tights. They squealed and danced and ran to me and said, "thank you mommy, thank you". Then we put them on them and they danced and laughed. Hermela said, "yes, yes", made me tear up to see them so happy over something we wouldn't think twice about. I'm sure they will teach us all a lot. We are so grateful for them. Keep praying for the rest of our journey here. It's been amazing so far.

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