Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adoption Fundraisers

Seeing that today is Orphan Sunday, I thought it appropriate that we get the word out about some of the ways that you can help us bring an orphan home.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have sent our dossier and our immigration paperwork which means that God has faithfully provided every penny that we've needed so far for our adoption in just two short months. Two months ago, we didn't even know "R" and now, we're moving closer to bringing her home.

God has provided the funds through family, a grant and through friends. Each time, the money came at just the right time, even down to our dossier fee. A dear friend of mine, not knowing that we needed the dossier fee, wrote me to say that her family wanted to donate to our adoption fund. The donation was exactly what we needed to send our paperwork off! I couldn't help but cry as I called Nick to tell him. It's just so humbling to think that God cares so much about this adoption and that sweet little girl waiting for us. Our decision to follow Him on this journey has been clearly confirmed over the past two months and we're so thankful that He has chosen us again to raise one of His precious children. We know without a doubt that God's hand is guiding us and that He will continue to provide for our adoption.

The next portion of our expenses are travel related. We'll have to purchase plane tickets for two trips and a return ticket for "R" along with some additional in country fees for the embassy, visas, "R"s medical exam, lodging and food... With plane tickets ranging from $1400 to $2000 a piece, it adds up.

November is Adoption Awareness month and a great non-profit that I've mentioned before, Ordinary Hero is doing a fundraiser for families that are in the process of adopting. It's pretty simple and allows you to help support families that are raising money by purchasing these great t-shirts below and several others. You can see all of the shirts on their website

I love these kid shirts. Hermela tells us all the time that when she grows up, she's going to change the world. She's already changed ours and we will be forever grateful.

Here's how it works:

During the month of November, Ordinary Hero is donating all profits from their t-shirt sales to families that are adopting. That works out to be $10 per shirt!! The shirts are priced at $15, $20 and $25 each ($19.95, $24.95 and $29.95 with shipping). It doesn't matter which shirt you purchase, we'll still receive $10 for every shirt that is purchased in our name until the end of this month!

The process is simple. Just go online to Ordinary Hero's site and purchase the shirt or shirts of your choice. Then (this is the important part), look for "add special instructions to the seller" "Ad" button. Click on the blue "ad" and put our name Jessica and Nick Irvin so we can be credited for the shirts. **It is hard to see this sentence if you are not looking for it. It appears under the shipping address portion**.
At the end of November, Ordinary Hero will send a check directly to our agency to cover any remaining costs that we have.

These shirts make a great gift as we approach the gift giving season. How nice to know that not only will the shirts be sending a great message, but they are also helping (you are helping) to bring an orphan home!

If you're not into t-shirts or just want to add a little variety to your gift giving, we still have our coffee store with Just Love coffee. Just click on the link or icon on the left side of our blog and have delicious fair trade coffee from around the world delivered directly to your doorstep. This option is available until we get "R" home and then through the whole next year.

I mentioned that this Christmas season, our family wants to change our traditions to focus on giving gifts to Jesus for His birthday, not just to each other. This is one great way that you can make your gift giving a little more meaningful by giving back to a cause that is close to the Father's heart.

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  1. I'm on my way over to Ordinary Hero. Thanks for the opportunity to help bring another precious child home. So happy for her and for all of you!