Monday, November 22, 2010

Great Post on Giving Gifts to Jesus

A blogger that I follow posted this link on her blog about the way another family does Christmas-gift less. At least gift less to themselves. They've made it a point now-thanks to the simple comment of their 5 year old son (10 years ago)-to give gifts back to the Lord in place of gifts that they would have received.

While our family still exchanges gifts, it's an eye opening post and has further inspired me to make this season about Jesus and not stuff. It makes me even more excited about our Christmas Trees of Glory fundraiser and the change that it will bring for the kids there. I love the idea of really making a difference for someone else and meeting their needs for Christmas instead of my own. I hope you also find her message inspiring.


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  1. Wow, God has been speaking to me all day about this and I just wrote a bit about giving and then came over to your blog...God is so cool...once again it was no accident. Thank you for sharing awesome