Monday, November 15, 2010


Why do you blog???

Two years ago, I didn't even know what a blog was. I stumbled upon them after searching youtube for Ethiopian adoption videos. I wanted a glimpse of what our family might look like, how that experience would feel, what our lives might be. Before I knew it, I was hooked into this world ("Blog Land" as my husband calls it) that serves many purposes.

For me, I started our blog to chronicle our journey to our girls. It then grew into a great way to highlight events in our family's life (I'm not much on picture albums). After we got home from Ethiopia, I wanted this blog to serve a bigger purpose. I wanted it to be a place that brought awareness to the orphan crisis and a place to advocate for change-and eventually bring change.

I've seen great things happen when bloggers join together, so I'm issuing a challenge to all those who may come across this post:


Tomorrow, I'm going to post about a great opportunity to come together for the cause of the orphan. As you know, we sponsor a child at Trees of Glory-a care point in Ethiopia supported by Children's Hopechest. This is a newly sponsored care point located on a beautiful piece of property. Unfortunately, the land between the school buildings and the water well is at risk of being taken over by the Ethiopian government. We have the opportunity to protect this land for the 84 destitute kids that are being served at this care point. It is a big project and will require a big effort. I often tell our kids, "many hands make quick work" and I'm praying that we'll have many hands on deck tomorrow when I post the details.

Tomorrow, we'll kick off our CHRISTMAS TREES OF GLORY fundraiser.

I don't have any idea who reads this blog (outside of some friends and family). All I know is that if those of you who do read it team up with me by first praying, and then passing along the information that I have, it will make a huge difference for the kids and staff at Trees of Glory.

As we enter into the season of Christmas, I pray that we will start spending less on things that matter very little and start spending more on things that truly matter.

Take a look at this video. It totally puts American "Christmas" spending into perspective. While this video promotes clean water projects (certainly a worthwhile cause and one of the pressing needs for TOG), the immediate need at TOG is to first keep the land that they have. Take a peek and get inspired.

Check back tomorrow to see how you can be the hope for one!!

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