Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Birthday Girl

Caroline celebrated her 6th birthday with a family trip to the beach and a tropical party.  Caroline was actually born on Memorial Day 2006. We drove straight from the beach to the hospital where she arrived 3 weeks early (she's had a mind of her own from the beginning :-)

The birthday girl.

I can't believe our first baby girl is already 6!  Six sounds so old.

the party guests--it's always a party with a big family

Caroline requested ice cream sundaes instead of cake.  I LOVE this picture of her.
Happy birthday "Luie-belle ice cream" (daddy's nickname for her :-)
Caroline, we pray that you will grow to be a girl who loves God and loves others more and more each day. We are so lucky to be your mom and dad--you are a sweet, smart and determined little girl full of grand ideas and dreams--thanks for adding a little spice to our family. 

We love you birthday girl!

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