Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Scummy Pond, An Answered Prayer, and a Fundraiser Resurrection

This lovely little pond is actually a sacred fertility pool in Lalibela.  Lalibela is one of Ethiopia's holiest cities and home to 13 amazing rock-hewn churches.  My mom, mother-in-law and I had the chance to visit when we went to pick up Rahel last year.  Lalibela is definitely one of the sites to see if you're ever there.

It is said that if a woman is unable to conceive and is lowered into the pool, then she will be blessed with a child.  Well, I was obviously not lowered into the pool, but when my mom requested I take my picture by the pool, I prayed to the Lord that he would indeed bless us with another baby.  When I got home, I told Nick about my prayer and he kind of laughed it off.  But, I knew that there was a baby boy waiting for us--I just had a feeling. 
The "scummy pond."

Well, you know how the story goes from here.  God answered my prayer and we are now waiting for our baby boy to come home--the baby I had hoped and prayed for one year ago in this spot!

I've said all along since we've started the adoption process again that this baby must be super special because we've been under full blown attack ever since we signed our papers.

Almost immediately, we were hit with large dental bills, thousands in car repairs, plumbing backups, appliance breakdowns, my hospitalization and surgery ($64,000 in medical bills--thank goodness we have insurance :-), and most recently a small flood.

I got home Friday night and noticed it was hot in the house.  I went to turn on the air, but nothing happened.  We cleaned out the overflow valve--a solution that usually works, but this time no luck.  Then, we noticed when we walked on the hardwood floors in the hallway, water squished up from the seams (never a good sign).  We realized the ac had been leaking water all in the closet and it was now seeping into the baseboards and floors surrounding the closet.

So started our first night in Florida with no ac.

Our ac has since been removed to replace the sensor that failed to shut off the system when the water started backing up in the first place, so we're rockin the wall unit ac and keeping the fans running.  It' not too bad until about 4:00 in the afternoon when the humidity reaches 100% and the 90 degree afternoon sun pours in.

no ac in Florida= a family trip to Target to cool off

oh yeah--lots of wood damage

hardwood coming up--gotta love that terrazzo

When all of this happened and we realized we'd be spending yet another plane ticket's worth of cash to fix it, I literally didn't worry about it one bit.  We've already seen God provide over $7000 for our adoption, and we trust that he will provide the remaining money as well.

The very day that we got the repair bill estimate, a friend wrote me to say that she was donating all of the money they had raised at their yard sale over the weekend to our adoption fund--over $300!!  And she had no idea about the ac.  God just used her family, without her even knowing it to help bring our baby home.  And that's God's economy.

Every time we've needed money, we've had it.

I'm reading a great book called "The Circle Maker" by Mark Batterson about praying circles around your biggest dreams and greatest fears.

In one chapter, he talks about the "law of measure" and quotes Luke 6:38

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

We've definitely experienced this to be true.  Over the past few years, we've given to other families' adoptions.  When I added up how much we've given out and compared it to how much has been given to us, I realized that God has provided literally 10 times the amount we've given away back to us for our own adoptions.

10 times!!

He goes on to say that "faith is allowing your God-given vision to determine your budget and when God gives a vision, it will most definitely be beyond your means."  When we have vision beyond our means, it may feel like we're setting ourselves up for failure, but we are actually setting God up for a miracle.

How God works that out is his job.  Our job is to circle that God-given dream in prayer.

So, we are continuing to circle the financing of this adoption in prayer and we have extended our
 $7 for our 7th 
 for one more month to hopefully raise the remaining $2968 left to reach our goal.

If you could pray along side us, we'd greatly appreciate it and please consider passing our link along 
 via your own blog or facebook page (even if you've already done it once, we could really use your help).

This fundraiser only works if people give $7 and then pass it along so that a little adds up to a lot as it is shared.

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We thank you!!!

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  1. Your post had me crying. God is so good. I just knew he would provide for you and your family. Also, stand firm, when ever you are doing something that is great for God and his kingdom thats when you will get attacked the most.

    Praying for you and your sweet little family