Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let the Summer Birthdays Begin

Hermela celebrated her birthday last week. We now have two 8 year olds in the house.

checking out the birthday table

We started a new birthday breakfast tradition of letting the kids pick out whatever cereal they want on  the cereal isle (we never buy the sugary cereals).  She picked cocoa puffs.  The kids couldn't believe their luck when I told her to pick whatever cereal she wanted.  My mom usually takes the birthday child out to breakfast, but last year Hermela ate so much at her special breakfast, lunch and dinner that by the time she made it to her birthday cake, she was too full to eat it.  So, this year my mom took her out the day before and I only made a special birthday dinner--hot dogs--her choice.

time for some birthday water balloon baseball

I think she missed :-)

batter up

the birthday girl

a new swatting technique Meron has mastered

a birthday trip to the movies

yummy cake

And the only present she requested-a barbie car.

Happy Birthday Hermela!!!

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