Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is This A Youth Group???

That's the question someone asked about our two families when we went out to eat with friends of ours from out of town (way out of town--as in China).  Haven't gotten that one before-I'm thinking our kids are a bit young for youth group (daycare, summer camp--we get that all the time when we're out and about).

We met up with some adoption friends a few weeks ago and had a blast getting to see our kids together again.
the girls table

These three were in the same care center for a few months in Ethiopia.
So super cute!

the boys (you can guess why they got to sit at the parents' table--might have something to do with Colton's claws and Kai's roar??

all of our kiddos

a mom shot (note that i'm trying not to move as i ditched the neck brace for the photo)

I guess we could be a youth group in about 10 years???

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  1. did you do embrace the camera?? You need her picture at the bottom with the Link to follow the rules. I'm sure that was fun hanging out with them .. yes I do have to agree you look more like a daycare than a youth group. But youth group is a compliment as they thought you were believers!