Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another 6 Year Old

Meron celebrated her 6th birthday on Sunday. That makes 3 birthdays celebrated at home with us. Can't believe how fast time is going. She was such a baby when she came home at 3.5 years old. I pushed her in a stroller, she had a pacifier and was much closer to Colton developmentally (who was only 2 at the time). But, 2 and half years later, she's gained 17 pounds and grown nearly foot can make it through the day without a nap (now making it through a care ride is another story :-).  

She's reading books, swimming, riding a bike and dancing up a storm (her latest genre is break dancing).  She's a kind hearted girl who talks incessantly, loves to dress up and generally enjoys being pampered.  She's still not the most eager worker and is always pointing out great inventions like the automatic vacuum cleaner, the power scooter and power wheels (she'd rather not exert too much energy).  This girl keeps us laughing for sure.
She had a luau theme just like Caroline.

This was the best reaction.
Croline had received this same doll for her birthday.
You can style her hair (a BIG past-time of Meron's ) and take her swimming.

Loving her new baby.

She asked for a "brown skinned" ballerina birthday cake.

Happy birthday to our big 6 year old girl!
We love you.


  1. WOW she looks so much older in these pictures I just can't believe it! I think she's looking more like hermela!? Happy birthday to your sweet twins .. that was a quick three years!

  2. Happy Birthday Meron!