Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our All Star

Caleb made the "A" All Star team this season which means---we're still playing baseball.

Which is awesome and we're super proud of him.

He's working hard and this past weekend was his second tournament--a state championship qualifier.

And guess what??  His team won all three of their games earning them a spot in the

 State Championship tournament in a couple weeks!

Working the out field.

cheering on the batter

Caleb's loyal cheering section--seriously,
these girls have been to some baseball games and they're almost always excited to go.

"Team Irvin"-rockin the fan shirts!

Post game review.


Caleb told his sisters, "I'm going to win you girls another vacation." That he has. Onward to our next adventure!


  1. Congratulations Caleb. We're proud of you.

  2. I'm shocked that he is not number 24...

  3. Great Job Caleb!