Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Love Wrapped Up in a Ziplock Bag

We finally have the opportunity to send a care package to our little buddy. A family is traveling to his care center in a couple of weeks, so we went shopping for a few special items to send him. The kids were SO excited--they oohed and awed over the cute little baby clothes and if I would have bought all of the things they wanted to get for their new brother, we would have needed a garbage bag instead of a gallon sized ziplock.  

We settled on a couple of new outfits (he's been wearing girl clothes in every picture but one that we've received so far--they're anxious to get that boy some boy clothes). We also sent a little picture album with pictures of or family. I'm excited for the nannies to see them as they are the ones that first took care of Rahel when she was waiting. She wrote them a little note and sent some pictures of herself as well. The kids thought he'd love the winnie the pooh lovie--his color is red after all.

love that little brother onsie

We are getting very excited around here about having a baby in the house again.

all packed up

We've learned our lesson with lovies--if they love it--buy several :-)  Of course we won't know if he loves it or not and it will probably not survive to actually come home with him, but I'm planning on taking another one when we go for court and then having a few on hand when he comes home.

Colton was hoping that one of these where for him.
He still has his beloved blue puppy.  He loved these up for his baby brother.

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