Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beauty Shop

I'm not the most girly of girls. I never really played dress up or cared about make up or jewelry or any of that fancy stuff as a kids. I played house--imagine that. I was very serious about taking care of my babies and would play dolls for hours and hours. I always wanted to be a mom. Well, now that I'm a mom, I have a house full of girly girls who love all of those fancy things. I decided to let them play beauty shop and paint my face up however they wanted one day  (kind of out of character for me--I'm not usually that fun--but I'm working on it :-)

Caroline got a make up set for her birthday and it had all the pretty shades of pink and purple.

Then I did the girls' makeup.

The finished product.


  1. It looks like they are exuberant about the privilege! Love the purple eyeshadow!