Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Earnestly I Seek Thee

Been on a bit of a blog break, but a lot has happened since my last post--I'll have some picture posts coming up soon.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've officially joined the big white bus club and are now proud owners of a 12 passenger van.  I absolutely love it!

The girls and I took a trip to Illinois and the boys toured around South Carolina with Nick's parents--LOTS of fun!

We're preparing to start school on Monday (the kids can't wait).  I really can't wait.  While I enjoy summertime fun, I really am a big fan of the routine that our school schedule brings.

And, perhaps the biggest news--WE WERE SUBMITTED TO COURT ON THE 13TH!!!

Being submitted is a miracle in itself.  What had been taking at least 12 weeks lately (usually more) took only 10.5 weeks for us!  We know that is a huge answer to prayer and we are praising God for that.

But, submission to court is only half the battle.  WE NEED A COURT DATE.  And we need it very soon if we're going to squeeze in before courts close.

I'm praying for this, trusting completely that God is able and also wrestling with not getting my hopes up in case we don't happen to get a date.  We are a little concerned (and when I say we, I mean me--Nick is totally cool about the whole thing and not, how do you say sitting-on-the-edge-of-his-seat-checking-emails-repeatedly-like-a-crazy-lady like I am, which would be weird anyway because he's a guy).  Several families have been given dates that were submitted when we were, so we are hoping that there aren't any complications with our case and we will be assigned a date any day (like tomorrow would be nice :-)

So, we are in limbo.  Maybe we'll be traveling to meet our boy in a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of months.  Either way, I know it will happen and God already has it all planned out. Why I even waste my time worrying about it is beyond me--human I guess.  

I'm really trying to put my hope in the Lord, not a court date.  I've had this song playing all day to remind me that my life is not my own and seeking the Lord is my priority.  In trouble or triumph we are to praise and bring glory the One who is always good. 


  1. Good luck on Court! I will pray for you!

  2. I still can't believe you're doing this AGAIN!!! I think and pray for you often. I know how desperately you want to be holding that little baby boy. I'm so excited to here what the future holds.