Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tons of Summer Fun

The boys stayed with Nick's parents for 10 days--a family first for anyone to be away that long with out mom and dad.  They had so much fun playing in the river--they said it was freezing.

They took a train ride through the mountains.

brotherly love

And spent their days in a LEGO paradise.

They also went boating and swimming and visited relatives.

Goofing off in the city.
  While the boys were away, my aunt took me and the girls and my mom and cousin on a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME trip to the American Girl Store in St. Louis.  She allowed each of my girls and her granddaughter to pick out ANY American Girl doll in the whole store!  So, so generous and I was sure to tell the girls what an amazing gift they had received (and how ONCE in a lifetime this experience would be).  They were just so excited and loved every minute of it. 

the girls with Aunt Debbie and the dolls they picked out

Not only did the girls get dolls, they also had a lovely lunch in the American Girl Bistro.

 The dolls got to "eat" with us as well.

My mom got to experience it all with us.

Rahel got to see a real horse on my cousin-in-laws real farm--acres and acres of crops , horses and cows!


Meron and Brody were great friends.

The girls even got a tractor ride.

Two amazing trips filled with lots of great family memories.

And as I mentioned last post, we acquired a big white bus this summer.

With plenty of room for everyone--including our newest addition--and even a friend or two!

So, that's the past two weeks in picture.  Now I'm all caught up!

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  1. Looks like everyone had TONS of fun!