Saturday, April 18, 2020

January 2020

2020 started, much to my friends' delight, with me updating my old android phone to an iphone.  I've never cared a bit about the new trends in technology, but the bottom line is iphones work better in Ethiopia, so I caved.  The ability to air drop pictures while sitting in a remote Ethiopian airport with no wifi sold me.

My first portrait mode photo.

January is full of birthdays and celebrations in our house.  

Caleb turned 16

And because I was going to be landing in Ethiopia on Rahel's 18th birthday (I know, what kind of mom leaves town on their daughter's 18th birthday.....)

We took her and Caleb out to Top Golf for a night of fun.

I happen to be pretty bad a golf, but somehow I won on this trip.

As a consolation for missing Rahel's birthday, we flew in her dear friend Kaleita and her sisters for a weekend of celebrating.

These sweet girls met in the care center in Ethiopia while waiting to be adopted and have such a special bond.  I love seeing them together.

Aunt Oleva took them out for a rainy night on the town to celebrate 18 years!

We landed in Ethiopia on January 11 and hit the ground running as usual.  After that long flight, we are always so excited to get to the people we love.

Swarmed with love at I Care

So much joy seeing our kids!

Beautiful Ayne!

Then we landed in Gondar.

And received a similar welcome.

How we love to spend time with these people!

I landed back in the US around dinner time on my 41st birthday, already missing my Ethiopian friends, but so glad to be home with my family.  I barely made it through dinner before heading to bed just before 8 pm (which felt like 4 in the morning).

2020, the year I vowed to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.

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