Thursday, December 10, 2009

Caleb's Book

One day, as part of Caleb's school lesson, I asked him to write a story. He made it about us going to Ethiopia to pick up his sisters. I just love this little book. He seems to really like art and draws constantly.

Our house.

Daddy, Caleb, Caroline and Colton playing soccer before we leave (I'm sure I'm inside packing:)

Flying on the American plane to Ethiopia.

Driving in the Ethiopian car (notice the flag colors on the car).

This is my favorite one-mommy and daddy "picking up" (and putting the girls on our heads) Hermela and Meron at the care center (nice brick building).

Flying home on the Ethiopian plane.
...and flying (he said, "It's a long way you know?").

Landing at home!!

Mommy, Daddy, Hermela and Meron coming of the plane.

All five kids of ours at home together at last-what a happy ending!

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