Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hair Care

I went to a friend's house yesterday to learn the basics of Ethiopian hair care. She has adopted 4 beautiful children from Ethiopia and is a wealth of knowledge. She is a nurse, like me and holds to the teaching theory of see one, do one, teach one (that's what they say in nursing school about the procedures that we learn). Well, I saw her do one of her girl's hair. She then let me do her older girls hair (parts of it-if I had done the whole thing, we would have been there all day). I don't think I'm ready to teach one yet, but I'm definitely feeling confident that I can at least care for Hermela and Meron's hair and do a few basic styles.

She gave us a starter kit and directed me to a hair care store where I bought lots of cute hair clips and beads. Feeling ambitious, I decided to practice on Caroline's hair when I got home. Ethiopian hair is a little different than other types of African hair. It is pretty soft and has beautiful curls. Nothing like Caroline's fine, staight hair,but I thought I would give it a try. After and hour and a half and a little whining, we ended up with 29 tiny braids with beads. I was pretty impressed with how it came out until she immediately wanted to take it out. I convinced her to leave it in until daddy got home and even got her to sleep, but at 11:15pm she woke up crying that her head hurt, so I took it all out. Hopefully Hermela and Meron will be used to it and I'll get a few more days out of their styles.

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