Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas in Real Life

I keep telling myself that I need to lower my expectations of what gets done around here. I kind of like things a certain way and I'm particularly fond of my plans going as planned. Having kids of course has changed that some. I actually enjoy being more flexible and less concerned about plans-I just have a little learning curve.

So when we only had Caleb, I did pictures of him myself for the most part. Then we had Caroline and I found it to be a bit challenging to capture those important moments and have both children looking at the camera and looking somewhat happy. When Colton arrived, I realized that just looking in the same direction qualified as a successful photo. Now with number 4 and 5 coming, it will probably take a small miracle to achieve that "successful" photo shoot. I can tell you I sure am looking forward to trying to get that photo with all FIVE of my kids.

So, Monday night we took the kids to see Santa. I learned two years ago that my best bet was to bite the bullet and buy the $40 cd (as much of a racket as that is) of candid shots and not even bother bringing my own camera. After a nice hour long wait (the kids did great), all three kids held hands and happily ran over to Santa. Unfortunately, once Colton got a closer look, he was having no part of saying "cheese" and the best group photo we got was the one of him screaming. Nick said, "that's real life" and it is. So Merry Christmas to all! We are so excited for this Christmas and the many to come with our full house.

24 days until we leave and 31 days until we're all together as a family!

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