Friday, December 4, 2009

We Passed!!!

Praise the Lord, we are a family of seven!!!! We are ecstatic and sooo relieved to be through the court process. Our girls are now officially our daughters. I was at work this morning, so this is a picture of the kids after I called home with the good news.

According to the laws in Ethiopia, an adopted child keeps their first name, has their adopted father's first name as their middle name, and their adoptive father's last name as their last name. So, their legal names that will appear on their Ethiopian birth certificates will be Hermela William Irvin and Meron William Irvin (not exactly what we would have picked for our little girls).
We have decided to continue our "C" naming tradition and give them the names Hermela Corrine Irvin and Meron Camille Irvin. We plan to call them by their Ethiopian names, unless they for some reason choose to go by their middle names.

I just can't believe that they are truly our girls-what an amazing Christmas gift (and birthday gift for daddy)!

We are filled with joy and give all glory to God!

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