Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Check Out Our Newest Family Member

Nick's little brother!

Through the gift of sponsorship, Nick has acquired a new brother (and I guess that makes him my new brother-in-law).

Nick's parents have been matched with this precious 10 year old boy Mitiku. Pretty cool right? Here's the even cooler part. Nick met him by "chance" when he visited Trees of Glory in September. He took the picture of Mitiku above just before leaving TOG. Mitiku had followed the travel group around all day. You see, he wasn't a student at TOG. He didn't have a sponsor family supporting him. In fact, he didn't have anyone supporting him at all. He is a true orphan and sought refuge at TOG. He has since been taken in by the care point director and now, thanks to my in-laws and Children's HopeChest, he is a full time student at TOG where he receives love and discipleship along with an education and his most basic need-food.

You can read the whole story about this great coincidence here.

Mitiku is just one of the very special kids that we can't wait to meet when we travel to TOG next month.

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