Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Baby is All Grown Up

Colton is our baby and loves that position in the family. He has taken full advantage of it and we've definitely babied him more than any of our other kids. He just turned 3 and is beginning to leave some of his babyhood behind (which is a little sad, but good). He asked for a Star Wars cake for his birthday. He loved it! Colton is such a fun, active, silly and happy kid. He loves music, playing outside, riding his motorcycle (big wheel) and playing baseball (he's go quite the swing for a 3 year old). He's pretty much all boy and definitely keeps us on our toes. We are so thankful to have him in our family.
For his third birthday, we prepared him to give up his "boppy" (pacifier) in exchange for a super birthday surprise. Whenever I would talk about giving it up, he would say, "I'm not a big boy yet."

Once he saw this though, he decided it was a super enough surprise and he sent his boppies to my in-law's cat Boomer (kind of strange, but we had visited earlier in December and the cat found one of Colton's boppies and liked playing with it and Colton loves the cat.....so it was our desperate attempt to convince him to give these things up).

He definitely went through withrawls-seriously like an addiction-for about 2 days and then it passed. I've found that it's always harder for mom and dad than the kid to break a habit.
Now, we're working on potty training (we've been really lax with this and now we're paying for it). He shows no real signs of "wanting" to complete this next phase of growing up. I'm pretty much over diapers and hope he jumps on board soon. I'm sure he'll hate that I've posted this picture one day, but I couldn't resist it.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!!


  1. Coltie, I'm so proud of you big boy. Now you have to have a talk with your cousin about his paci. lol

  2. Oh, yeah! I'd trade a "boppy" for one of those four-wheelers any day! Good choice, Colton! Love the potty picture! That's priceless! Happy belated birthday!