Friday, January 7, 2011

Melkam Gena! Merry Christmas!

Today is Christmas day in Ethiopia. I asked Hermela what they would do on Christmas day when she was in Ethiopia and she said, "dress up, go to church, eat and dance and chat with your family." Sounds like fun to me. Tonight we will celebrate with Ethiopian food, music, dancing, traditional dress and our friends who adopted their baby boy from Ethiopia just after us. What a nice way to celebrate the birth of Jesus-no fuss, no frills, no big shopping list....just the way He came-humbly sharing love.

Hermela prepared the "coffee" ceremony and instructed all the kids to put on their Ethiopian clothes this weekend. She pretended to roast coffee beans and passed out popcorn and "dabo" (bread-actually left over corn bread from New Years:)

Then the kids danced to Ethiopian music.

Then Hermela wanted pictures taken.

The girls have definitely spiced up our lives with a little culture.

Melkam Gena!!!


  1. Oh I love this! The coffee ceremony- precious!!!

    I was thinking about our children in Ethiopia all day and wondering how their Christmas celebration was. Lord willing, they will be home next year.

    Your girls are beautiful- can't wait to see your newest one joining your family soon! :)