Friday, December 16, 2011


I've written about all 5 other kids in recent posts, so I owe one more post to our Caleb.

He was our first child and what a joy he is to us. I always dreamed of being a mom and once I finally had a baby of my very own, I never put him down. Literally. The boy never touched the ground for his first year of life. I happily carried him around in a sling or back pack until I was pregnant with our next child. The result--a very content (as long as he was touching me) 28 lb one year old!!! Yep-28 pounds of rolly goodness. Picture the Michelin Man (only super cute).

Well, he's all grown up now and still one of the cuddliest and loving kids.

We made "bird nests covered in snow" during school last week with our bird unit.

He loves spending time with his dad (so do I)!

He's a great big brother (so long as no one knocks down his lego creations:)

He and Hermela are great friends. They enjoyed being on the same soccer team this year and he recently taught Hermela how to ride her bike without training wheels--he was so proud that he had taught her how to do it.

We are so thankful for our first arrow in the quiver that seems to always be growing.

We we named him Caleb just because we liked it and Nicholas after Nick of course. We recently did a school project that had us look up the meanings of every one's names. We found that Caleb Nicholas means "bold, courageous, victorious for the Lord" (we added the "for the Lord" part, but think it is pretty fitting).

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