Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweet Caroline

Since I've done recent posts about all the kids lately except Caroline and Caleb (post on him to follow soon), I figured I'd feature our sweet Caroline. She has many nicknames, including Louie, Lou-bell, Little-Lou, and daddy's favorite, Louie-bell-ice-cream (like blue bell ice cream-which we don't even eat, but anyway). I have no idea where the "Lou" came from, but she does remind me of Cindy-Lou-Hoo from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, so maybe that's where it came from.

Anyways, she is a great helper and almost always eager to pitch in. She loves it when it's her cooking day-every Thursday-and she usually wakes up early all excited to let me know it's her day-which also means her day ends in the rocking chair with mom.

She's the little mommy /want-to-be rule enforcer/ finder of all things missing/ determined/ likes-things-to-go-as-planned/keep-us-all-on-track girl of the house. I think she gets most of those qualities from me-which can of course be both good and bad. She lives life full speed, works hard and loves school.

Of all of our family members, she's had to make the most adjustments as we've added 3 sisters in 16 months to our family. She was the only girl and only granddaughter for 3.5 years and went from a house in which anything girly was indeed hers (the boys won't touch that stuff). To sharing pretty much everything. That's some pretty big change, but such a blessing and good life lesson that the world does not revolve around just her. She's done really well with that and now actually prefers to "share" even a bed with Rahel-they sleep together most nights and are really good buddies.

I took these pictures over Thanksgiving and I just love them. They show all sides of her fiesty little personality.

We love you sweet Caroline Grace. You are such gift to us!

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