Sunday, December 11, 2011

Catch Up Time

Here's the last month in pictures. The blog has to take the back burner, so I'm a little behind.

The kids finished out a great season of soccer in November. They all had a great time and all enjoyed it.

Here's their biggest fan (he was a big fan of the dirt hill as well).
We've embarked on a new adventure as RV campers. Now, I love to be outside, but sleeping outside, well--it's just not my thing. The RV has been a great solution for this and a really economical way to travel with a family of 8. We took it out for our inaugural trip over Thanksgiving weekend.

Here's the back-it's wide open-which is great for all the kids.

The kitchen.

Dining Room/Master suite

Camping out with a movie.

The campground was on the beach!

Soccer with dad.

Thanksgiving dinner-RV style (my mom made most of it and brought it up on Thanksgiving Day). It was yummy!

My little feasters.

The next day, we went to St. Augustine. It was lots of fun as we had studied this early settlement in school.

We visited the fort.

Gee Gee and Paw paw went too.

Then we had one more adventure on our trip. My awesome husband gave me a super thoughtful early 10th anniversary gift (our anniversary is in about 3 weeks). He surprised me with this double skulling boat that he found and had refinished for me (I rowed on the crew team in high school and coached for a while in college).

It felt great to be out on the water (I haven't rowed for probably 13 years or more).

Just like riding a bike-it all came right back. Nick picked it up pretty quickly too.

I got this little "Rahel" ornament on our trip to add to the family of ginger bread people so Rahel wouldn't be left our when we got home to decorate our tree. She loved it and also loved seeing all of the decorations-especially the nativity.

Colton enjoyed the toy soldiers.

My two clowns.

Next up-daddy's birthday. All the kids took their time making him cards.

Nick and my brother share a birthday, so he came over to celebrate as well (he's not a big fan of taking pictures, but he humored me).

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  1. What fun! Does Rahel need a nutcracker soldier? I can't remember.