Saturday, April 7, 2012

Double Time

We've had both Gee Gees (aka. grandmothers) around this past week to help with the house and kids and boy are we grateful. Nick's mom came down and has spent her entire spring break keeping our house in order and taking care of the kids. She and my mom have kept my laundry baskets empty, floors swept, bathrooms clean, and kids entertained all while I rest and heal from this surgery.

As I've watched them scurry around to keep up with the mess and meals, I was able to see why my house is never as clean as I'd like and my laundry in NEVER all the way done and why I always feel like I'm chasing my tail--it takes two full timers to keep up with it all.

These two are so efficient that Nick wore a t-shirt one day and it was folded an in the drawer the next (let me just say that NEVER happens around here either).

While it feels kind of strange for me to sit around while everyone else takes care of my family, we are so thankful to have the help.

They even took care of carrying on our family tradition of egg coloring. We don't celebrate the Easter bunny in our house, but I've always enjoyed coloring eggs. It's just fun.

So, they got out the eggs and the dye and went to town.

This was of course Rahel's first egg coloring experience and being very artistic and creative, she loved it.

Job well done!

Thanks Gee Gees for all the help!

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