Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Missed It

I took this picture of my boys today heading out for their games. I had to stay home as car rides are still difficult as is sitting for 5 hours at the baseball field. I just knew I'd be missing some great plays.

Sure enough, shortly after Caleb's game started, I got a call that he had just hit a home run! So happy for him and totally bummed that I missed it.

Thankfully, Nick caught the home run on video!

Last time the kids played, Rahel and the boys all had games at the same time. I had gone to the baseball field that week because I'd been at the soccer field for her games all of the previous weeks. Wouldn't you know she scored her first goal EVER and I missed that too. Thankfully, my dad was there to cheer her on.

It's bound to happen with so many kids playing different sports. We are so proud of all of them for playing hard and doing their best.

Here's to many more years filled with fun memories!

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