Sunday, April 29, 2012



playing baseball with a sting ray bat and a tea cup for a ball

loads of fun

sweet snugly children having movie night

mom finally making it back to the fields to watch the kiddos play

and brotherly love-safety first around here-always wear your helmet when playing Mario brothers

They make up for days like last Thursday when I told the kids "I quit" and went to lay down in my bed after a particularly trying morning of school.  I then told them they could "do whatever they wanted" (I know you're all super impressed with my parenting skills now) while I checked out for a few moments.

They all congregated in the girls' room to formulate a plan of action.  I could here every word and was quit amused to here them going back and forth about choosing the right path (girls mostly) and all the good things they should do.  Colton immediately ran to the freezer and chowed down on an ice cream sandwich.  When the kids scolded him, he said, "mom said we could do whatever we wanted." He knew exactly what he wanted--so he did it (interesting how he obeys when I tell him he can do whatever he wants).

I finally recovered myself.  Lectured them at length about how lucky they are to have books and pencils and paper and the opportunity to learn......yada yada yada.........and we returned to the three Rs as usual.

Lesson of the day: 
even moms throw temper tantrums every now and then
 tantrums look as ridiculous at age 33 as they do at age 3
Colton's the only one in the house who knows exactly what he wants


  1. Jessica, sorry, but this was hilarious! Sounds like one of my days. Glad you've recovered and are back in the saddle again. Every good mom has a down day or two and needs a break. Just as long as you regroup and come back, all is good. :)

  2. I've had those days and as I look back of them I smile. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. i'm lol'ing at colton. the dude knows what he wants.

  4. Funny and glad to hear we all have days like that! Reminds us we can't do it alone! Remember "NOT ONE" for Colton :)

  5. This blog made me laugh, I hope to one day homeschool so it's nice to see the "ugly" side of it too! Thanks for the honesty!!