Monday, April 23, 2012

First Timer

For the past two years or so, I've followed the blog A Place Called Simplicity.  It has been such an inspiration to me to watch God move in the life of this family over this time.  Even cooler, is watching them totally surrender to his call to care for the orphans. In their 50's, most people are settling in for retirement and grand kids.  They have grand kids alright, but they certainly are not slowing down.  In fact, they have just brought a very special baby girl home (their 11th child) to their family and launched a non-profit (International Voice of the Orphan) to continue their mission.

Every week, Linny hosts "Memorial Box Monday" where she tells some pretty amazing stories of God's miraculous faithfulness.  When I first started reading, I couldn't believe how clearly God was moving in this family's life.  I began to realize that the reason they heard from God so frequently was because they knew him so personally and spent a lot of time with him.  They also expected to hear from him and had learned to listen for his voice.

So often, we miss the miracles that God performs every day in our own lives.  Linny challenges us to remember each week by participating in Memorial Box Monday.

So, this week is a first for me.  With so many obvious miracles going on around me,
 I just had to join in the fun.

Earlier last month, I began having shoulder pain that eventually spread down my right arm and became so severe that I ended up in the emergency room late one night.  After a series of tests and an MRI, the doctors discovered the problem.  My spinal disk between two of my vertebrae had herniated and was completely compressing my spinal cord and all of the nerves in the area that controlled sensations in my shoulder and arm.  Hence the severe and unrelenting arm and shoulder pain.

When the results were read, it just so happened that one of the best neurosurgeons in our area was on call, he just happened to have a surgery opening that very afternoon at the hospital I was at and I was able to have a disk replacement and spinal fusion within 18 hours of arriving to the ER.

Now, the timing of this surgery was impressive for more than one reason.  This surgery requires that I be on bed rest, with a neck brace on, unable to drive, bend over, look down or lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for at least a month.  They had heard me when I said I had six kids right?  When do I ever have time to take a cat nap, let alone be on bed rest?

Well, God had that all figured out too.  Conveniently, the next week just happened to be my spring break-I was already off work.  My mom and husband just happened to have the whole week off too, so I had tons of help(of course we were supposed to go to the Keys, so that was kind of a bust, but...).  It gets better.  Nick's mom had the following week off for her spring break and had already planned on coming for a visit (ended up being more like slave labor than a vacation for her :-).  And, by the time I got home, my wonderful friends (many of whom had already jumped in to help with the kids, grocery shopping, laundry....) had arranged for over a month's worth of delicious meals to be delivered every single night!

And, all the while God was working behind the scenes funding our adoption through our $7 for our 7th Fundraiser (click link to follow our progress and watch God work).  He'd already moved in amazing ways, raising over $3400 in the first week of the fundraiser.  Over the past month that I've been recovering that amount has nearly doubled to $6726.08!!!  We're getting closer to reaching our goal each day!

Just so awesome to look back at all the blessings that have been bestowed on us!

How about you?  Head on over to A Place Called Simplicity to share your own miracles.


  1. Inspiring! That's why I read blogs like yours and Linny's. You both give me the courage to trust God more and more. Thank you for your example. :)

  2. Praise The Lord for all the help He prepared for you and to raise all those funds while you've been recovering- amazing! This is an awesome memorial box Monday post, looking forward to reading more in the weeks and months ahead. He is faithful!

    Praying for your continual healing and for your child's adoption!