Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Boys

Just hanging out!

Colton has a habit of throwing all of his things outside of his crib. I went in one night to make sure he was covered up and found him a curled up "sleeping bag" style in his pillow. I just cracked up laughing. He's always doing or saying something that makes us smile. Of all of our kids, I have the hardest disciplining because he usually makes me laugh. Just today, I asked him to do something and I had him look into my eyes and I said, "say yes mommy". He lifted his little eyes up and with a smirk said, "no mommy". I know that doesn't sound funny and I should probably be concerned about his little will, but the expression on his face and the little smile he was cracking just got me-I couldn't help but laugh. I tried to look away and hold it in, but he got me. He did obey and go get what I had asked him to.

My sword fighters (actually, I thing those are supposed to be light sabers). They are good buddies and Colton really loves hanging out with Caleb.

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