Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Our beautiful 4 year old girl!!

Big sister helping Caroline ride.

Yesterday was Caroline's birthday. She was born 4 years ago on Memorial Day. We had stayed at the beach for the weekend and on the morning we were leaving, I started having contractions. My little girl wasn't due until June 17th, but she wanted out (and when Caroline wants something, well-she's pretty persistent). So, we drove from the beach to the hospital and she was born that night at 9:45pm (I got to the hospital at lunch time, but because it was a holiday, the on call doctor decided to finish his day of boating before coming in to do my C-section:).

Since her birth, we've been at the beach for each of her birthdays. She told me she wants to go to the beach for all of her birthdays. So far, it has worked out that way. We've also had sand cake on all but her first birthday. We continued that tradition this year. She also got a big girl bike and an outfit like Hermela's. I've found that for now, it is just easier to get the girls the same or similar things-that way everyone feels "equal". I really enjoy dressing the girls alike and I know that one day they won't want to match, so I'm doing while I can.

We love you so much Caroline and we're so glad that God has put you in our family. We pray that you will grow up to love the Lord with all your heart and to love and serve others.

Happy birthday to our big 4 year old!!!

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