Thursday, May 13, 2010

Call to Prayer

I follow a blog called Babe of My Heart and the family of this blog had court today for their baby boy and did not pass. When I read the title of the post "Give Thanks to the Lord" I first assumed that they had passed. Unfortunately, they had not. The reason??? The birth mother of their son was too ill from malaria to travel for the court date. She has six other children and was widowed in July after her husband died of MALARIA. So now the lives of six other children hang in the balance-waiting to see if they too will become orphans. If you recall from one of my recent posts, the medication that cures malaria costs about $4. This is not right. We can't keep loosing mothers and fathers to diseases that are curable. Please pray for this mother who is fighting for her life and for her children who are in danger of loosing their remaining parent. Also pray for the adoptive family as they await a second court date on May 24th.

Something must be done. Give thanks to the Lord for He is able!

Defending the Fatherless,


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