Monday, May 10, 2010

Ethiopian Homecoming

Waiting for Jonas!!
First family meeting.

Hermela LOVES Heidi (as does Colton-and really our whole family does). Her family was waiting at the airport when we got home with the girls, so they were some of the first of our friends/family that they met. The concept of friend vs. family was too hard to explain, so when Hermela said, "Ms Heidi family?" I just said yes-really that's the way friendship in Christ is intended. So now we have extended our family by 5 with the addition of Jonas.

Two weeks ago our friends arrive home with their sweet baby Jonas. We had the joy of being at the airport to welcome him home. Nick and I had traveled to Mekele, where Jonas was from, to visit him when we went to pick up the girls. He was truly the happiest baby in the room and had the best little personality. I kept telling Heidi (his mom) this and she agreed once she finally got him in her arms-he is just a delight.

It was awesome to be surrounded by their friends and family as we eagerly awaited his arrival. Lives were changed forever when that little one came home. I just know that his charming little dimples are going to be contagious and more kids will be united with their forever families as a result of Heidi and Scott following God's call.

We love you little buddy!!!

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