Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Fun

Since most of my posts have been about Africa lately and the huge need there, I've gotten a little behind on my family posts. So here's an update. These beach pictures are from Caleb's baptism on April 25th. Our church holds an outdoor service at the beach which is always a lot of fun and really cool to see. Caleb accepted the Lord last year and has been asking to be baptized. So we decided this would be a good time for him to do that. We are so proud of him and his commitment to the Lord and pray that he will grow up to love and serve the Lord and others with all of his heart.
Going down.
Coming up a new boy!

My aunt gave the girls these cute outfits-they love them! I always wanted a sister, so it's so fun to see them all together.

Aunt Debbie also gave them these coordinating bathing suits for the summer.
Our kids play "coffee ceremony" on a regular basis.

Fun times playing outside.

Crazy driver-out of the way!

Holding on for dear life.

Caroline the back seat driver.
The girls had a tea party to celebrate all of their birthdays this past weekend.

Our neighbor brought over a container of lady bugs for us to release in our garden last week. Here's Colton looking quite mischievous holding the bugs before we went outside.

Our garden has grown many tomatoes and some strawberries. Other than that, we have a cucumber plant that is thriving, but no cucumbers yet, a pepper plant that is still holding on (but looks a little weak) and everything else that we planted has died. The tomatoes are pretty yummy!
So that's what we've been up to lately. We have a couple more weeks of school and then we'll be done for the summer. I'm really looking forward to the down time and having more free time to play and enjoy the kids.

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  1. i'm rejoicing with you in Caleb's baptism!! :)) woohoo!
    p.s. very cute outfits for the girls!