Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can You Help???

UPDATE: Webit has shown some improvement and doctors are working to determine the exact diagnosis and treatment plan for her. Since Karen sent out the urgent message for prayers and financial support last week, $3,300 has been raised and the power of prayer has been felt! You can read the full update here.

After an afternoon of rejoicing in some great news from Ethiopia (passing court-praise God!), I received some urgent news from Ethiopia from Karen Wistrom (Trees of Glory sponsorship coordinator) requesting prayer for this little girl: Her name is Webit and she is very sick. Her sponsor family had the chance to meet her in January (you can read about their meeting here) and quickly realized that she was in need of immediate medical attention. Because her family is so poor, they had to get paperwork approved that showed that Children's Hope Chest would be able to raise support for her treatment before they would even accept her as a patient. After wading through that process, the diagnosis was grim--cancer--and today, she took a turn for the worst (read Karen's post here for details).

So we now have the opportunity to intercede for this child. She needs our prayers. Please pray that the doctors will have discernment and wisdom and resources to be able to properly treat this precious girl. Pray for her comfort and peace as I'm sure she is scared and hurting. And pray for her family during this difficult time of uncertainty.

You can also help by giving a monetary donation to help cover the cost of her treatment. Remember, EVERY little bit helps and US dollars go a long way in Ethiopia. We can all skip our morning trip to Starbucks or drive thru lunch tomorrow and give even $5. If everyone of you who follow this blog give just $5, that would be over $300 raised! I've personally seen the work that Hopechest does and you can trust that your gifts will get to her.

This is a real child, with a real need, and you can be a part of making a real difference in her life when she needs it the most. Print her picture out, put it on your fridge, bathroom mirror or dashboard and commit to praying for her....and give to her fund.

It's SUPER easy to give, just follow these instructions:

Please go to the Children's HopeChest website at Click on GIVE Under "Choose a Fund", specify DESIGNATED GIFT Enter the 9 digit account code ET2119000 In the notes area, specify MEDICAL Please spread the word to your friends and family so that we can raise these funds immediately. And please pray for Webit Bekele in Ethiopia.

Check in on Karen's blog for further updates.

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  1. Thank you for helping to spread the word about Webit! Prayer is powerful and she needs our prayers! Thank you Jessica! ~Karen Wistrom