Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Big Family Milestone

We finally have all of our kids out of diapers (well-at least during the day-I'm not ready to risk it at night yet:) Our youngest has proved to be a great defender of the "baby" title. He's definitely the most babied of all of our children-who can blame him? It's his spot and he's quite comfortable there.

The other two times that we've had to potty train were a breeze. Caleb was about 2 1/2 and was so easy and Caroline literally trained herself before her second birthday (she's very determined and wanted to do everything that her big brother did).

Colton is no doubt his own person. He showed absolutely no interest in potty training and for the longest time (up until he was three) I didn't care. To me, it is easier not to mess with it when they're not interested. Well, I was beginning to think we missed our window of opportunity because after a few months of trying (we made it his New Year's resolution to be trained in 2011) we still weren't getting anywhere.

Enter my mom. She decided to take Colton to the store this past weekend and let him pick out a few toys that he could "earn" after several days of going in the potty. Yep-good old fashioned bribery. We don't usually bribe our children, so I think this is why it worked so seamlessly. From the first day we started his potty chart, he knew that if he kept up his end of the deal, a nice prize was waiting at the finish line.

So glad to be past this little hurdle (although that means all my babies are all grown up:(

On to the next stage!!


  1. Go Coltie. See, sometimes Grandma knows just what to do and a "little" bribery never hurt anyone. lol

  2. Incentives are always helpful. :)