Friday, March 4, 2011


We made an unexpected trip to another Hopechest care point, actually an orphanage, on our way back from TOG. Nick had been there on his last trip and asked Fikre about how things were going with the kids there. Because we'd be passing right by it again on the way back to Addis, Fikre said, "we should stop by." I'm so glad we did. As we got out of the van, every single (and I mean every single) child hugged us-all 60 of them. They had just returned from school and were so excited to have visitors.

Nick took the picture above of this apple tree. It's only about 3 feet tall and when he visited Hope for the Hopeless in September, there wasn't any fruit on the trees and he didn't think they stood a chance of growing any. This little orchard is just like the kids at Hope for the Hopeless. They didn't stand much of a chance out on the streets fending for themselves, but with a little love and care, they're blooming like the apple trees that they so lovingly care for.

We also brought a little banana snack-which they loved (such joy from something so simple)

The director tossed up the final banana (all the kids had already had 1 and a half) for a little fun.

The kids grabbed our hands right away and led us around the property.

They have a chicken coop full of chickens-they eat some of the eggs and sell the rest (I think they said they eat eggs 2 days a week).
These women were hard at work pouring a concrete slab-Ethiopian style- for the new on site school.
The kids were so excited to show us their new puppies.

This group of girls really remembered Nick. They actually drew pictures that he brought home to our kids last time he was there.

The whole crew-just before we left.
When it was time to go, they once again hugged us. Then they asked, "Will you come back tomorrow?" I wish I could have said yes, but it was our last day in Ethiopia before we left for home. I look forward to visiting them again soon though (the sooner the better).

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  1. Love this! I want to go back tomorrow- hee hee!
    The sooner the better! I LOVE these kids with all my heart!