Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This is Fikre-one of Hopechest's in country staff members who guided us around and translated for us. Nick met him on his mission trip last September, so it was nice to meet up with an old friend.

His words "tell them to come" really stuck with me. We were talking about sponsorship and Hopechest and he said, "It's not just about the money. People think it is too far to come all the way here. But it means so much more when you actually show up and spend your time. The children understand your presence more than the money. It shows them that you really care."

Wow! That was pretty powerful. So I told him I would pass that on. I know my life has never been the same since my first trip to Ethiopia and I would recommend going to everyone. After speaking with Fikre, I know even more how important it is that we "VISIT orphans and widows in their distress."

If you've ever thought of going on a misison trip or visiting your sponsor child, GO-you'll never regret it. If you've never thought about--I pray that you would. It could very well change your life.


  1. LOVE Fikre and LOVE what he said! Thanks for sharing that!

    Thank you SO SO much again for the wonderful pictures. We are so blessed by you and Nick and are praying that you pass court on the 18th!!!

  2. I can't wait to go and meet them all. Ethiopia has changed my life.I wish I hadn't waited so long to go for the first time. It's been a year already since we've been there and I miss it terribly. I really wish you would change your mind and go on the Nov. trip with hopechest this year. =)

  3. Wow! So true. My brother-in-law has been on mission trips to Ethiopia several times. He really loves that country. I'd love to go too. I'll pray.