Saturday, July 30, 2011


Duh nun a nun a, buh buh buh buh buh buh BAD, Bad to the bone........ that's my littlest loves theme song--at least some times. He can be the sweetest little thing. At night, I ask him, "who loves Colton?" and he'll say, "mommy, daddy and Jesus." Then I'll ask him, "Who loves mommy?" and he'll say, "I do." So sweet right?

Well that sweet little buddy also has a little strong willed wild child side (he gets it from his daddy :-) that has from time to time manifested it's self in the form of creative writing-----only not on paper.

Yep-that's permanent sharpie on our leather recliner, wall and wooden entertainment center.

We had been playing dentist and practicing for Rahel's first cleaning (she had been to the lab the day before for blood work and lets just say that didn't go well). So I thought a little game of "dentist" would be helpful. I had labeled all their little flossing tools with their initials so we wouldn't have any mix ups and mistakenly left the black sharpie on the "dentistry table." After we finished, I went into the kitchen to start dinner while a few of the kids continued to play. Well, it wasn't two minutes before my little reporter (aka Caroline) came running in saying, "mom, Colton colored on your wall."

I was less than impressed with his artistic creation. We did thankfully get most of it off (something called goop off Nick went and got).

Anyway, we figured that we'd have a little fun with our 4-wheeling free spirited guy this summer.

And got him a hair cut to match his personality.

He loves it!

Good news is you can brush that mow hawk right down if need be.

He sure keeps us on our toes.


  1. Yikes! Might I recommend sleeping with one eye open just in case he gets some crazy ideas about using that Sharpie during the night.

  2. I like that you show the gongshow part of mommahood. We all have at least one "artist" or stuburn little mule. It's nice to hear other momma's with it of those "glad it's you not me" moments but you know it's gonna be me the next time lol. Plus it's part of kids. Wouldn't have it any other way (well maybe that the marker was washable.)