Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Water Emergency

Thanks to a few more generous donors, we are now at $1045 for the Trees of Glory well fund.

I received an email that Karen Wistrom (sponsorship coordinator for TOG) sent out to all of the sponsors. She further described the desperate drought situation sweeping across Ethiopia and other African nations.

Click here to view an article featured today on CNN's website. The situation is described as "staggering hunger." It so scary to think of all of these people suffering and the number seems to be climbing each day.

Karen also said that the crops at TOG are failing due to the lack of water. That makes me so sad as we were just there 2 short months ago and the crops had just started to come in. I can't imagine the disappointment they all must be feeling after working so hard to get fields planted.

The fact is that without water, it is just impossible to grow enough food to sustain these communities.

Please consider donating in any amount to this fund. It has now become an emergent need.

You can donate or purchase a bracelet to help support the well fund at TOG at the top left side of my blog.


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