Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rahel's First Road Trip

Nick's grandmother got remarried last weekend, so we loaded up the fam. for a little visit. Not only were we celebrating his Granny Pat's marriage, but we also celebrated her new husband Hack's 80th birthday!! How often do you get to have your 80th birthday celebration on the same day as your wedding??? We'll we certainly thought it warranted the 10 hour drive to be there. Plus it gave us a chance to introduce Rahel to some of her extended family.

To have and to hold........we love how these two embrace life!

Colton loves Mr. Hack---welcome to the family!

At Granny Pat's house before the big event.

Nick has 4 grandparents still living and the kids got to spend time with all of their great-grandparents.

Papa and Shirley


And of course our hosts-Nick's parents (SC Gee Gee and Grandad)

I've gotten several comments about the kids' matching clothes--these are gymboree, compliments of my mom--super cute! She and my Aunt Debbie are the culprits behind most of the matching garb. I love it and it actually makes it much easier when I'm counting heads if they're wearing coordinating outfits. We don't dress them alike everyday, but we usually do when we go out for an event (and that's of course when I usually have my camera--so it seems like they're always matching, but that's just on the blog).

Caleb and daddy got to go to a baseball game with our friends while we were there.

And we swam 4 days in a row. Rahel is an official swimmer (officially swimming from one side to another-not officially able to save her own life in the water--which is actually more dangerous and nerve racking than when she was cautious in the water :-). During our trip she got super brave, took off her life vest, jumped off the diving board and swam to the side. She was so fun to watch. She'd observe the other kids do it first, then she'd go to the shallow end and practice swimming, then she'd head down to the deep end and take the plunge. So impressed with how fast she's learning. I think it helps that the younger kids are swimming--she doesn't want to be left behind.

That's Rahel swimming to the wall in the back!

Overall, a successful first trip with our family of 8.


  1. Sounds like such a fun trip. I can't believe how far Rahel has come in her swimming in just a matter of weeks. Way to go sweet girl.

    I love a swing set big enough for 6.

  2. Love the pics, as always! Love the outfits! Love the progress Rahel is making!

  3. Hi! I've been checking your blog since you got back. I am wondering if when you went to Ethiopia you remember delivering a care package to Daniel D. ? I sent a care package to your house with lots of little pictures and some letters...and I also am the one who bought 6 braclets. If you have any details, or remember him I'd love to hear about it.
    sara miller graham on facebook

  4. So sweet!!! Love all the pics!

  5. LOVE that last picture on the swings! See you soon!