Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Challenge For Trees of Glory Sponsors (and anyone else that reads this blog)

I asked Karen how much more (of the approximately $50,000) money is needed to complete the well at Trees of Glory. At last check, we still need to raise $24,000.

Wow! That still sounds like a lot (even though more than half of the funds have already been donated).

So, I like numbers and I got to thinking--if there are over 80 sponsors (I know some people have multiple kids at TOG) and $24,000 left to raise and we divided that amount by the number of sponsor families ($24,000 divided by 80 sponsors), each sponsor would only have to raise $300 each and we could reach our goal!

Karen also said that she'd LOVE to have all of the money raised before she leaves for her trip to TOG in November. So that leaves just 4 months to reach that goal.

Now, I know that most of us don't have and extra $300 just sitting around--we certainly don't-hence the bracelet fundraiser. But if you spread it out over 4 months, that's just $75 a month--and I know we can spend that on a quick trip to Walmart these days, but still don't necessarily have that money sitting around (again--the bracelet fundraiser).

There's lots of ways to raise money with blogs and facebook and other social networking. Plus, you can't underestimate the value of a good yard sale (one of my least favorite activities--yet we raised $1400 last year for our adoption doing one).

Lemonade stands with your cute kids--if you can stand the heat--throw in some baked goods and you're in business.

I know some of you are crafty and definitely more creative than me........

So what if we all banded together and contributed 1/80th of the need for this water well, we could meet Karen's goal over the next few months and get those kids some water.

Now, if you're reading this post and think to yourself, "well, I'm not a sponsor at TOG." Fear not--you too can join the fun by donating any amount via the donate button at the top left of my blog or

by going to the Hopechest website
clicking on GIVE
select "designated gifts" and enter your donation amount
enter ET21190000 in the "reference" block
and Trees of Glory Well in the "notes" section

Now, this post isn't intended to be a guilt trip and certainly not a requirement of sponsorship, just a brainstorming session and the realization that if we break down that big number and all give a little, it adds up pretty quickly.

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