Friday, September 6, 2013

Catching Dinner

We took our first ever scalloping trip this past weekend and had a blast scavenging for dinner.

Colton helped guide us into the water.

Our faithful captain (not too bad to look out if I do say so) manned the wheel.

My parents came along which was really helpful with all the kiddos.

 Riding out on our adventure.

 Everyone getting geared up.

Eli was a champ!  He just hung out with the rest of as if he always goes boating.

The girls taught Eli how to say "cheese," but he makes this really ugly face when he does it which makes us all laugh. 

My dad did a little fishing with the kids to pass the time.

Then it was time to get in the water.  We spent most of the first day avoiding this sea grass and searching for sandy spots.  Then when we went out a couple of days later with my cousins who had done this before, we realized that most of the scallops are actually in the grass.  That was kind of a yucky discovery, but it looks worse than it really is.  Once you get use to it, it's like an underwater Easter egg hunt.  On our first day, hunting in the sand, we found about 30 scallops, and we were happy.  Day 2 with some experienced scallopers in the grass we found about 6 times that many.

But if you thought the fun was just in finding the scallops, oh you would be missing out on the best part.....digging the guts out!  This too is a little yuck to begin with, but once you get the hang of it, it's a piece of cake (well, unless you're a scallop that is).  All of the kids took a turn cleaning.

And that's dinner folks!

 Four out of 7 kids liked them, so with a majority rule, I'd say it was a success!