Sunday, March 11, 2018

January 2018

January brought snow, fun and birthday celebrations.  In fact I find myself with time to blog because of one such celebration.

Our family decided last Christmas that we would rather take trips together than give and receive lots of presents so this year's trip was a surprise trip to go snow tubing and snow skiing.

With the exception of Nick, this was all of our first time skiing.

Getting suited up in all of the gear was half the battle.

Everyone headed to ski school.

Even me!

We all caught on......some better than others (I'm in the others group).

Then it was time to celebrate Caleb's 14th birthday back at the cabin......which brings me to the story about the time I told Caleb he was never to  big for me to pick him up......and so I picked up my big 100+ pound  first baby boy and gave myself a hernia in the process.  Thus I am now laying in bed recovering and have the blessing of time to update this blog.

Next up on the birthday train, Rahel turned sweet 16!

Our kids are growing up so fast. How did I get a house full of teenagers???

My birthday is always a double celebration as it also marks the day we first met the girls in Ethiopia.  This year made 8 years together as a family.

5 winter birthdays down, 1 to go. Next up, Eli turns 6.