Wednesday, October 12, 2016


September started off great because my dad came to visit.

Along with our first friend visitors.

 school is going great and all the kids are doing well

We found the public library!

We love it here and go every week.


 We prepared a delicious Ethiopian New Year feast.

Melkam Addis Amet (happy New Year)

 And visited a worm farm that makes organic fertilizer....this is so something I always do 

 And as we settled into country life, our little farm expanded.......

After the Move

Well, these pictures are actual just before the move.  This is one of my all time favorites of my two big girls.  Nick took the job, but we weren't done with Angel's adoption, so I stayed home for about 3 months while he commuted back and forth.  These two were indispensable during that time.

When we realized we were moving, we decided we better legally "readopt" Eli and officially change his name.  This is us at court.


 Last try.

Then all of these special people came over to help us move....I told you we have great friends.

Some kids were more helpful than others  :-)

After the longest trip ever, we finally arrived.

My parents drove us up.

And we finally have a table that is big enough for all 10 of us!

Caroline got right to the business of baking.

The boys wasted no time jumping back into sports.

The adventures in the woods began.

We celebrated Ethiopian runners in the Olympics.

And then school started......10 days after we arrived, fun times...

We missed our "Moon Party" Gee Gee (my mom has done little parties with the kids whenever there's a full moon for years now)

My mom came back 2 weeks after dropping us off to visit.

We explored our new playground.

And just like that, August came to an end.