Friday, November 14, 2014

2 years Home

What a difference 2 years makes (the picture below was actually taken in August 2012 when I went for court.....he was so tiny and sweet!).

Now he is just as sweet, although not as tiny. Our boy is growing up fast!

He's smothered with love by all of his brothers and sisters.

And loves his daddy!
Just last night he was snuggling with Nick and said, "Daddy, you're my buddy."

He is such a joy and our family has truly received one of God's greatest blessings.

Happy 2 years home to our favorite little 2 year old!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Love Ethiopia

God has blessed us with some amazing friends over the years and these two are two of our favorites!  Nick and Travis have been friends since childhood and have some pretty tall tales to tell of their adventurous boyhood.  I met Travis and Robin shortly after Nick and I started dating in 1999 and we have all grown together as friends over the years.

One thing that we love most about them is how they serve the Lord.  These two live out the gospel on a daily basis and serve their community and church continually.  Over the past few years we have developed an even stronger bond as they embarked on the great (and often long and winding) road of adopting a child from Ethiopia.  Their trip down this road has been particularly challenging and even led us to a spur of the moment trip to Ethiopia this past February.  You can read about that here.  They literally did everything they could possibly do to bring their little girl home, but just last month they learned that a person related to their little girl's case returned to the orphanage to adopt her herself (click here to read the whole story). Definitely not the ending we were all hoping and praying for.

Heartbroken and devastated, but not defeated and with amazing faith, Travis and Robin continue down the road that has now veered off to an amazing detour in which their church is now partnering with Children's HopeChest and a care point in the region their little girl is from.  That impromptu trip in February ignited a love for Ethiopia and it's people and amongst all their loss, God's plan is being revealed.  God is amazing!.  He works all things together for good and it has been an honor to watch Travis and Robin navigate through all of these ups and downs.

Still feeling called to continue with their adoption from Ethiopia, Travis and Robin are once again on the waitlist to be matched with a child in need of a family!  As many of you know, international adoption is a very expensive process, and they have lost everything, nearly $30,000 with their first attempt.  They will need to start the process almost entirely over again, including saving and FUNDRAISING for the associated fees and travel.  We just keep saying, "it's all God's money, He provided the first time and He will provide again."

So here's where we all get the opportunity to make a difference and bless this awesome couple. 
 They are now selling these really cool LOVE ETHIOPIA  T-shirts that we are all wearing in these pictures for $15 a piece (+$2 shipping)
with ALL proceeds ($15 per shirt) going towards their adoption.

With the Christmas season approaching, these would make a great gift for an adoptive family or anyone with a heart for adoption, Ethiopia, orphan care or someone who just wants to make a donation and get a cute shirt to go with it.

Please click on the "add to cart" link at the TOP LEFT of my blog to place your order today. 
When Travis and Robin came to visit this past weekend, they left me
34 shirts.
 I'm hoping to sell out quickly and raise a fast $500+ for their adoption. 
 We have youth sizes S, M, L and adult S, M, L and XL
(XXL coming soon). 
 Adult sizes are gray, youth sizes are navy blue.
For reference, Nick is wearing the adult L, I'm wearing the adult S (tight fit, M would have also worked for a looser fit), adult S for Rahel (youth L would have also worked for her), youth M for Caleb, Hermela, Caroline and Meron, and youth small for Colton and Eli (Eli's was big, but worked well if tucked in).
Let's join hands and help this family bring their
next little one home...."hopefully this time next year"
(that's an inside joke :-)
Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have,
for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.
Hebrew 13:16