Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Melkam Genna! Merry Christmas......again!

That's right, in our household we celebrate Christmas twice. 
Once on December 25th, and again with our Ethiopian community on January 7th. 
 Ethiopia runs on a different calendar than ours (13 months instead of 12.  It's actually 2007 there now, not 2015).

Two Christmases and two New Years!
This is just one of the many benefits we have being a multicultural family. 
We will eat injera today with yummy Ethiopian dishes and celebrate tonight in traditional dress (the kids love dressing up to eat their dinner in their Ethiopian clothes).
But as I was thinking of how we would celebrate,
 I remembered that there are still
 50 kids left at I Care for the Nations care point
that need sponsor families.
How awesome would it be if these kids got sponsor families for Christmas?
For just $38 a month, you can give a child in need hope, food, discipleship and the knowledge that someone in the world cares for them.
If you go to the I Care for the Nations community page at:
you can view all 50 kids that still need sponsors (click on the "status" button and select "unsponsored" to view all kids in need of someone just like you to stand in the gap for them).
My little buddy Mikiyas is still available:
Mikiyas age 8
He just melts my heart!
These other cuties are waiting for sponsor families as well:
This little girl's name means "always in my heart"  what a perfect way to remember her.
Kalkidan F/13y
Daniel M/10y

Neima F/10y

Dagim M/8y
ET 48008064

Mariamawit F/6y
These are just 6 of the precious kiddos that need your help.  It is truly a life changing commitment for both the child and the sponsor.
If you have any questions, email me at
to select one of these children listed above (use their ET48008... reference number listed under their picture or select one of the other waiting children).
It's that simple.
Let's wish the kids at I Care for the Nations a
 Merry Christmas!!!