Friday, May 29, 2015

Instant Birthday Bash

When you have 3 sisters and 3 brothers,  it's always a party.

Caroline turned 9 and wanted a pool party.

Just add water!

 When we were done, she asked me to hold  her. She's still my baby, even if she is 9!
 She will hold the spot as our favorite 9 year old for the next 12 days before her "twin" joins her. Then she becomes our favorite 9 year old born in May ;-)

She practiced surfing on Memorial Day with a friend's board and picked it right up.
                    Now she's got her own
                      board to practice on.

      Happy bithday to our determined,  strong-willed,  perceptive, generous, smart surfer girl!

Happy Bithday Hermela

Happy 11th birthday to our kind, helpful, thoughtful, compassionate,
 drama loving  girl!

Hermela chose to get experiences verses wrapped gifts this year. I took her to see Shrek Junior and then she had take out dinner with mom and dad the week before her birthday.  On her actual birthday,  she got to pick out a new birthday outfit followed by a trip to the salon (thanks to our friend Ms. Aimee).  She enjoyed one full day of pampering and no work topped it off with dinner with her grandparent and ice cream sundaes at home.  One lucky girl!
           Half way through the hair style.
                             Almost done.
The finished product!

Our little lady is all grown up and loved her day of glamour.

Dream big Hermela!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's Care Package Time!!!

If you are a sponsor at Children's HopeChest's Trees of Glory or I Care for the Nations, then it's time to get your care packages ready.

Kids at Trees of Glory

Kids at I Care for the Nations

Our team will be leaving next month for Ethiopia where we will spend time with the kids at each of these care points.

This is always a special time and I'm lucky to have been able to deliver care packages to our sponsor child as well as the sponsor children of our friends and family in the past.

Fanosa holding a picture our her sponsor Devin who will be on our trip.

Nick and his parents' sponsor child Mitiku

My Aunt Debbie's sweet girl Muri getting her package.

We are trilled to have this opportunity to once again take a personal package from each sponsor to their sponsor child.
Me with Tigist, Heidi's sponsor child (they will meet for the first time next month!!!).

This is such a fun and special way to connect with your child.  The kids love receiving letters, pictures and gifts from their sponsor families.
So, don't miss this unique opportunity to have your care package delivered across the world to let your child know you care. 
We would like all care packages
to be MAILED not later than
next Friday May 15th.
You should have received a detailed email with instructions on what to include and where to send your package.  If you did not or have questions, please contact me at
I can't wait to meet our new little guy Besufekad and his beautiful mom and bring him his first package from his American family!

Let's get those packages in the mail!